Our coaches are highly skilled and experienced in working with a wide range of clients from general population to professional athletes working towards different goals. In addition to world-class expertise, all of our trainers use the Poliquin Bioprint systems developed by Charles Poliquin to tailor your training, nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle to your unique physiology. All of our personal training programs run over a minimum 12 week period where all of the thinking is done for you. All you need to do is be compliant and consistent to our system and the results will follow.

Rawdon 'pro maker' dubois, coach

Rawdon is our Strength Mafia coach. He is one of Australia’s leading coaches and has developed his brand, The Dubois Method, combining the latest cutting edge scientific research with his “in the trenches” experience and results. Rawdon is a firm believer in practising what he preaches, and brings 25 years of experience in strength, hypertrophy and body composition to the success of hundreds of his clients, helping many to achieve getting their Pro Card in body building.


  • FMA Couse Design and Presenter- 2016
  • IFBB Australia Judge 2015
  • Recomp Level 1 – October 2015
  • FMA Strength Training Level 2 – 2014
  • Charles Poliquin 1 Day Hypertrophy Seminar – 2013 
  • Charles Poliquin 1 Day Body Composition Seminar –  2013 
  • Charles Poliquin BioSignature Level 1 – 2013 
  • Dr Layne Norton Body Composition Seminar – 2013 
  • Dr John Beradi Precision Nutrition Certification –  2013 
  • Mark Schauss Level 1 Nutrition & Biochemistry Course –  2013 
  • IFBB Pro Ben Pakulski 7 Day Muscle Camp –  2012
  • Charles Poliquin PICP Level 3 –  2012
  • Charles Poliquin BioSignature Level 1 – 2011
  • FMA Strength Training Level 1 – 2011
  • Charles Poliquin BioSignature Level 1 – 2011
  • Charles Poliquin Program Design – 2011 
  • Charles Poliquin PICP Level 2 – 2010
  • Charles Poliquin PICP Level 1 – 2010
  • ASCA Strength Coach Level 1 – 2010


  • 2010 INBA NSW Titles Open Men’s Division (2nd place)
  • 2009 INBA Sydney Titles (Overall Winner)
  • 2009 INBA Sydney Titles Intermediate Division (1st Place)
  • 2007 INBA NSW Titles Novice Division (1st Place)

Tom 'THONGS' Hewett, Coach

Tom is one of Australia’s leading fitness professionals and works one-on-one with clients to achieve optimal body composition. He presents at both industry events and as part of trainer education programs and is also the creator and co-host of the internationally renowned health and fitness podcast 'Under The Bar'.

Tom has worked under, mentored with and interviewed some of the biggest names in the industry. He has always adopted the ‘practice what you preach’ philosophy and sets an example for his clients with his own training and by constantly investing in his ongoing education and growth as a trainer.


  • Bachelor of Applied Science Specialising in Sports Media
  • Cert III and IV in Personal Training
  • Charles Poliquin PICP Level 1
  • Charles Poliquin PICP Level 2
  • Charles Poliquin BioSignature Level 1
  • Charles Poliquin BioPrint Certification
  • IFBB Pro Ben Pakulski 7 Day Muscle Camp
  • Kegan Smith Strength Essentials Certification
  • Mark Schauss Level 1 Nutrition & Biochemistry Course
  • Charles Poliquin Advanced Program Design
  • IFBB Pro Milos Sarcev Hypertrophy Bootcamp
  • Kegan Smith Strength Gymnastics 1 Day Course
  • Andre Benoit 4 Day Hypertrophy Camp

Steph Parsons, COACH

Steph loves to get her clients feeling, looking and performing their best. She specialises in nutrition design and physique training, helping her clients get the results of their dreams through tailored programs and clean eating.

Steph has an extensive background in sports and has also competed and placed on the IFBB stage. She's worked with clients preparing for everything from weddings to triathlons and a Mt. Everest base camp climb. No goal is too big or too small for Steph!


  • Certificate III & IV in Fitness
  • S.D.A Sports Nutrition Certification
  • Level 1 EKI Kettlebell Instructor
  • Certified Punch fit Instructor
  • Vision Personal Training Mentor Program
  • BioPrint Practitioner


  • Comp prep (female)
  • Body composition
  • Nutrition design
  • Performance specific training

Adam 'smitty' smith, coach

Adam has spent the last 15 years building on his knowledge and interest in the health and fitness industry. He specialises in body composition, sports specific training and nutritional program design.

Adam helps his clients set goals and gives them the plan they need to achieve them. Adam never gives up, and his warm motivating nature will make sure that you don’t either. There is nothing he loves more then to celebrate the successes of his clients as they reach their goals. 


  • Bachelor of Sports Business
  • Certificate III & IV in fitness
  • PICP 1 Gold Coast, 2012
  • PICP 2 Gold Coast, 2012
  • Poliquin Biosignature Modulation Level 1.
  • THUMP Level 1 Boxing for fitness
  • AIK Level 1 & 2 Kettlebell Trainer
  • Older Adults Trainer
  • Pre/post pregnancy and exercise
  • FMA Level 1


  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • Body Composition
  • Sport Specific Training
  • Kettlebell Training

Nick 'GREEN TEA' Moen, Coach

Nick has over 20 years’ experience in strength and resistance training. He achieves his client transformation by combing his extensive knowledge and education within the fitness industry with his own strength training and physique success.

Nick specialises in body composition, as well as bodybuilding and physique athletes. He is one of the top result-producers for online and face to face coaching. His clients have achieved dramatic transformations and he has produced several INBA champion fitness and figure athletes; A testament to his professionalism and knowledge.

Nick coaches one-on-one at Icon, and also offers online personal training packages


  • Precision Nutrition Level 2
  • Poliquin Advanced Program Design
  • Phil Learney and Ben Coomber Hypertophy & Fat Loss Seminar
  • Precision Nutrition
  • Sebastian Oreb “The Art of Powerlifting” Seminar
  • Charles Poliquin Biosignature Sydney CE
  • Mark Schauss “The Art and Science of Biochemical Individuality” Seminar
  • Milos Sarcev Muscle Camp
  • Charles Poliquin Biosignature Level 1
  • Charles Poliquin PICP 2
  • Charles Poliquin PICP 1 
  • Clean Health Trainer Education Program
  • AIF Master Trainer

jasmin 'juggernaut' collins, COACH

Meet Jas! She has an extensive athletic and weight training background. Jas thrives on setting herself challenges and working hard to achieve her goals. She trains her clients like athletes as she believes this is the most effective way to build a functional and aesthetically pleasing physique. Plus, it's more fun!


  • Cert III & IV in Fitness
  • Lab Analysis For Personal Trainers
  • Base Endocrinology For Optimal Body Composition
  • Advanced Nutritional Programming
  • Program Design For Hypertrophy
  • Program Design For Fat Loss
  • Hormonal Nutrition For Fat Loss 


  • Strength and conditioning
  • Fat loss
  • Hypertrophy
  • Athletic development