Personal Trainer in Ryde - Personal Training

Nestled in Artarmon on Sydney's North Shore, Icon Performance Health is only a short 1.2km walk from Artarmon train station. So, whether you’re driving or catching public transport there are very excuses not to train with us!

If you’re coming from Ryde all you have to do is jump onto any bus to Macquarie Park station and catch a quick train ride to Artarmon station.

After that it’s just a quick walk through Jersey Rd, cross through the park to Reserve Rd. From there just turn right onto Whiting St, go down for 220m, turn right onto Clarendon St, right onto Hotham Parade.

Another 12m and you’re at our doorstep on Sawyer Lane, your warm-up is over and you can get straight into your workout!

For those of you that are driving, it’s a quick 20-minute drive to our specialist gym. Just remember that the short walk from your car to the gym doesn’t quite count as your warm-up.